Cass Wyant

Creative Director | Founder

A traditional artists turned designer, Cass has 5 plus years of website layout design experience and 10 plus years in the graphic design industry. Working in almost every position from print to web, Cass has come full circle as an environmental designer – bringing not only graphics to life, but large projects and interpretive signage to the public. Working closely with clients to bridge the gap of functionality and aesthetics amongst various platforms, Cass bridges the gap of form and function when it comes to design. Seeing a need for specialty design services in today’s ever changing technological and design world, Creativescape Studio was born to elevate your expectations with societies ever changing standards.

Nick Ummarino

Content Production Director | Photographer

Nick has 12 + years of combined experience in the fields of video production, photography, drone, audio production, video and photo editing and marketing. His extreme attention to detail and creative eye delivers exceptional quality and satisfaction to our clients. His goal is to capture gorgeous and intriguing imagery that highlights and showcases your business and services for website and social media platforms. Working as a team with Nick gives us the advantage to deliver the highest quality end products that entices the consumer to ultimately seek out your services. We are pleased to partner with Nick for all your photo and video needs!

Paige Wiese

Digital Marketing Strategist | Marketing Consultant

A self-taught web developer, Paige has enjoyed anything art and design based from a young age. As she started building her career as a website and graphic designer, she uncovered a love for business development and entrepreneurship. Like many business owners, she experienced ups and downs along with the importance of problem solving to learn and grow from every situation. She applies this practical experience while assisting clients as they go through the same struggles of starting and growing a business, encouraging them to look outside the box and brainstorms creative solutions for continued growth. We are proud to partner with Paige of Tree Ring Digital to assist in on going hosting and maintenance of your site. Paige offers all technical and SEO optimization support as your business and web needs grows.  Tree Ring Digital Website